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EU - record of decisions of the sector meeting, Brussels, 27 May 2008

Record of decisions of the EU sector meeting, Brussels, 27 May 2008. Revision of the AIIC-EU Agreement

The meeting was called to order at 19.40, some 40 minutes after the scheduled starting-time, to enable the queue of colleagues to register and be issued with voting papers.

The computerised registration system recorded 359 colleagues as present and a further 731 as represented.

The chair thanked SCIC for providing the meeting-room, and three members who are also SCIC officials and who were on hand to ensure compliance with the security service requirements. The chair also noted the presence of other staff interpreters from the Institutions who are not members of AIIC. They were thanked for their interest in the Association's activities, reminded that they had not been issued with voting papers and asked to ensure they did not take part in any vote

Item 1: Adoption of the draft agenda

Following the rejection by the meeting of a proposal to add a motion to postpone the vote under item 4, the agenda was adopted.

Item 2: Election of tellers

6 tellers (Yves Cherbut, Arianna Fichera, Steffen Heieck, Frieda Jans, Tomas Opocensky, and Ana Vivas) were elected by acclamation.

Item 3: Remote interpreting agreement

Michel Lesseigne, Vice-President, who had been appointed by Council as an additional member of the Negotiating Delegation for the EU inter-institutional talks on remote interpreting, was given the floor to present the draft agreement, already approved by the staff interpreter assemblies in the three institutions. The text of the agreement was approved by acclamation.

Item 4: Proposed revision of the AIIC-EU Agreement

Elisabetta Zanca, the negotiating delegation's spokeswoman, presented the package negotiated with the institutions. Before the debate opened Michel Lesseigne was given the floor to read a message from the President. The debate was closed when a proposal to proceed to the vote won majority support from the meeting.

A proposal to vote by acclamation was opposed by E. Zanca, and the chair ruled that the vote would be by secret ballot.

A total of 1125 votes were cast, 920 in favour of adopting the proposed revision, 196 against, and 9 abstentions.

Vincent Buck was given the floor to explain the slight discrepancy in the numbers recorded as present and represented by the computerised registration system and the number of votes cast, a difference of 35. The reason was explained as the result of voting papers having been legitimately issued on presentation of paper-based evidence of entitlement to attend and proxies, duly substantiated, for which the computerised data-base (never 100% up-to-date in a sector composed of members and non-members working for the EU institutions) contained no match.

Item 5: Other business

No other business was raised.

With particular mention for Vincent Buck for making the online advance registration system available and the entire registration team, the chair thanked all colleagues for their support and adjourned the meeting at 22.15.

28 May 2008

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Jacqueline UDLER C.


Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

J’aimerais tout d’abord remercier la Délégation de Négociation du secteur U.E. de ce rapport succinct et par la même occasion leur formule une requête.

Je lis dans ce rapport que le président de l’AIIC a fait lire un message adressé au secteur. Serait-il possible de publier le contenu de ce message ? Ceci permettra à tous les interprètes qui on voté par procuration d’en connaître le contenu.

Merci d’avance !

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