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Summary report on the inter-institutional meeting held Friday 24th 2000

1. Regulations applicable to conference interpreters employed according to Art 78 of the Condition of Employment of Other Servants (CEOS)

The current Parliament regulations will apply to the other institutions, with a few adaptations. The text is ready to be approved by the College of Commissioners and subsequently by the Parliament Bureau. It should apply as of March or April 2001.
At the request of the delegation a mistake in the calculation of the tax rate will be corrected retroactively (the calculation should be based on 18 days, not 20).
A "technical tweaking" of the convention will be done once the regulation is adopted.
The institutions have said that every auxiliary must have a complete personal file. Therefore the institutions will write to all interpreters (except ex-staff) to obtain their personal data and a character reference ( " certificat de bonne vie et moeurs"). One administrative file will suffice for all three institutions. The delegation stated the view that the requirement for a character reference should not apply to accredited interpreters, and that it made sense to grant them an exemption.

2. Age Limit

The CEOS applies at the Commission. Work must stop at 65, and no exemption or transitional period is possible. SCIC does however concede that proper procedures were not followed and says that in future the interpreters coming up to 65 will receive an individual reminder and be thanked for their years of service.
The European Parliament agrees with the Commission's legal interpretation, albeit with some slight differences: the age limit will apply after a transitional period, which will last until the regulations (see above) come into force. They are still considering whether they might be able to grant exemptions under special circumstances.

3. Refund of loss due to the decision of the Court of First Instance in Luxembourg on 16th July 1998.

The delegation raised the problem of delays in the payment of the refunds, which the Commission said had been caused by in-house problems. They said that the system had been running properly since 17th October 2000. Since then payment has been released for the applications which are straightforward. Only applications where the amounts have to be checked or more information is needed are now held up. At the request of the delegation the Commission has agreed that in future it will send colleagues an advice of delivery (and information about any delays). Applications for refunds will be dealt with a quickly as possible.
The delegation also raised double taxation. The Commission will contact the delegation if there is progress to report.

4. Bank charges.

In reply to the delegation's questions, the commission (Luxembourg) promised to look into the causes of this problem (charges and information is not clear on the payment advice from the banks). A solution should be found soon.

5. Interpretation of Art 2 of the Convention:

The institutions maintain that an interpreter has to have worked for 100 days for the institutions to be considered "experienced". This includes work done at the Council of Europe and/or WEU. The delegation takes issue with this interpretation of the Article and believes that only interpreters "who are beginners in the profession" should be classified as "beginners" in the terms of the Convention.

6. Travelling conditions.

A number of colleagues had signalled problems with refunding of travel costs. The delegation therefore made a statement reminding the institutions of what Art 10 says: colleagues are allowed to use an air ticket that is exchangeable and refundable (without penalties and with clear indication of the price paid) with the same airline. The institutions confirmed that every interpreter is allowed to use the ticket stipulated in the convention, and that an interpreter's travel arrangements do not sway recruitment decisions.

Please contact the delegation if you have any questions. We shall hold an information meeting early next year.

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