Advanced searching on the www

In a previous article, we indicated how useful the World Wide Web can be for conference preparation. This month, we will be describing some advanced search techniques to help you forage for relevant information on the Web.

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Vincent BUCK,Andrew C. DAWRANT. "Advanced searching on the www". December 27, 2000. Accessed September 19, 2019. <>.

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Danielle Grée


Merci,Vincent! C'etait encore plus complet que ton cours au SMP à Nice. Contente de savoir que tu te renseignes pour déménager en Espagne ;-)


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Susan Asselin


Thank you for both articles. I am sure this information will be very useful in future research enveavors.

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bettina palaschewski


great belated X-mas gift, thanks and all the best for 2001

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B. Simons-Fischer


Dear Vincent and other colleagues,

thank you for the trouble you take to instruct us "digibets" on how to use the www for our conference preparations (and private searches). Although I personally have been using the net for the last two years intensively for that purpose and think that I find my way about it pretty easily, I always am interested in your articles, just in case there is something that is new for me. And, indeed, I still find things which I either did not know or did more complicatedly.

To all of you a happy and healthy 2001!

Kind regards,

Bärbel Simons

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Manuel Sant'Iago Ribeiro


brill stuff!

if only I had known all of this when first setting out to use search engines...but then of course, to have found this info elsewhere I probably would have needed a smattering of booleans to begin with...

thanks a bunch, Vincent et al...and excellent 2001!



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J. Ana Johnson


Thank you very much indeed for doing this excellent research on how to use search engines more effectively! I have only just begun reading over your material and am already very excited about what I am learning, especially as I am struggling to create a web page for my 20-year-old company (based in Calgary). This is essential information for those of us who are, fortunately and/or unfortunately, relying more and more on the Internet for our bread and butter. Again, merci bien. Vielen Dank. ¡Muchísimas gracias! - Judith Ana Johnson.

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Judith Jacobson


This article really gives a head start to those who have not ventured out into the search engine world. It is a very clear, to the point, informative article. Many thanks for an excellent job.

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