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EU - report from the negociating delegation january 2009

Report from the negotiation delegation on flat-rate accommodation allowance.

You may have seen the announcement posted on SCICNet on 19 December that at the request of the Court of Auditors the Commission's new Missions Guide no longer allows for the payment of this allowance.  This means that in future, when recruited by the Commission, or by the EP for the Commission in Luxembourg, you will receive no payment for accommodation expenses unless "justified by invoices".

On 20 December the Delegation wrote to the Administration and stressed the need for a transitional period. 

On 23 December the Administration replied, acknowledging the need for such a period and saying it should run till 31 March.

On 24 December the Delegation replied in turn, saying the period should be extended by a further two weeks, given the Administration's intention to post the message about this period only in early January and urging DG SCIC to inform colleagues immediately by e-mail as well as posting a message on SCICNet. 

We are now waiting for the Administration's reply to this, but wanted to keep you informed of developments in the meantime.  

AIIC-EU Negotiating Delegation

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