Council of Europe - Webcasting of the plenary sessions of the PACE

Agreement between the PACE and the Interpretation Department on webcasting of interpretation of plenary sessions of the PACE and of press conferences held during sessions.

This is an agreement between the Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe ("PACE") and the Interpretation Department of the Secretariat General of the Council of Europe concerning the conditions governing the interpretation of webcast plenary sessions and press conferences of the Parliamentary Assembly.

1. The PACE shall ensure that its website carries the following disclaimer:

"Interpretation serves to facilitate communication and does not constitute an authentic record of the proceedings. The floor language is the only authentic version. No liability shall be incurred by the interpreters in the exercise of their function."

2. The PACE agrees that delegations shall be made aware of the very specific situation of interpreters in the case of webcasting and shall strongly advise parliamentary delegations to make written speeches available to interpreters well in advance.

3. The PACE shall take the opportunity during the meeting of delegation secretaries to remind the parties of the importance of the work of interpreters during the sittings in the interests of a better understanding of their speeches. They shall also stress the need for the speakers to speak at a reasonable speed.

4. An alert system for the Chair ("slow down" button) shall be provided in the Assembly Chamber and in other meeting rooms used for webcasting.

5. Failure to make written speeches available to interpreters in advance and delivery at very high speed will lead to deletion from the recording when particular concerns are raised by the Head of the interpretation team.

6. The Interpretation Department undertakes to inform interpreters at the time of their recruitment that their meeting is to be webcast.

7. Webcast meetings shall, without exception, be paid at the high rate.

8. The PACE, together with the DGAL, shall ensure that the acoustics in the Chamber or room and the sound system are optimum. A technician must be available at all times to troubleshoot.

9. The PACE shall ensure that access to recordings of interpretation is available only in the context of the running of the session and that these recordings therefore remain on the website for a maximum of two weeks. After this time, the floor language only shall be retained on the Internet.

10. The recording of interpretation shall be programmed for listening only and shall not be available for downloading as an audio file. No DVD recordings or audiovisual records are to be made or retained. No reproduction in total or part of a webcast by third parties is allowed. Commercial use of recordings is prohibited.

11. Recordings shall not be used as a substitute for a written verbatim record of the proceedings.

12. The PACE does not wish to archive recordings of interpretation. There is therefore no need for re-recording at an additional cost.

13. This outline agreement shall be reviewed on a regular basis (after 12 months). 

Strasbourg, 1 January 2009 

Mateo Sorinas
Secretary General
Parliamentary Assembly 

Sally Bailey-Ravet
Head of Interpretation Department
Chief Interpreter

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Coordonnées Negotiating Delegation. "Council of Europe - Webcasting of the plenary sessions of the PACE". March 4, 2009. Accessed April 7, 2020. <>.

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