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EU - report from the AIIC-EU negotiating delegation, April 2009

Report from the AIIC-EU negotiating delegation on flat-rate accommodation allowance

When it was informed that the Commission's new Missions Guide would mean that the flat-rate accommodation allowance could no longer be paid to non-local colleagues recruited on behalf of the Commission and who did not submit a hotel bill, the Delegation immediately took steps to obtain a transition period. This was granted, to run from 1 January to 30 April 2009.

The Delegation also made further representations to see whether the new rule could be waived for ACI, writing to Mr. Chêne, Director General of DG Administration, who chaired the talks on the revision of the Agreement.  Unfortunately, he has now informed us that a waiver is not possible, though he acknowledged that our point "without any doubt deserves special attention in any evaluation of the new provisions" (translation from French). 

The Delegation will make enquiries about when such an evaluation may be expected.

Meanwhile, however, the transition period initially obtained, during which the Commission has continued paying the flat-rate allowance, ends on 30 April.

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Could we have an update please? I calculate I will have lost 1 960 euros between the end of April and the end of this year by not receiving the accommodation allowance. What did your enquiries about when an evaluation can be expected yield?

(by the way, the email address marked for me in the comment box is incorrect. The correct one is in the directory)

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