First contract: UNOG

First contract at UNOG : practical information

United Nations Office in Geneva


Palais des Nations
1211 Geneva

UN badge, contact Head of Booth for letter/e-mail to be sent to security for a badge. Obtain badge at Security at Pregny gate.

From train station: bus 8, stop "Appia".
From airport: bus 28, stop "Appia", bus 5 stop "Nations".
Place des Nations entrance only with a UN badge.
From train station:  tram 13 or 15, bus 5 or 8, stop "Nations".
Other: buses 11 and 22, stop "Nations".
Parking: Place des Nations car park.

When collecting your badge, and showing your car papers, you may ask for a disk/sticker which will allow you to park Inside Palais des Nations

Chief of Interpretation Service

Mr Zhengren LI

Heads of Booth

All queries on training and freelance tests are to be put to the head of your language booth.

Head of the Spanish booth : Monica Varela
Head of the French booth : Georges Dupuy
Head of the Arabic booth : Soumiya Lahlou
Head of the English booth : Rebecca Edgington
Head of the Russian booth : Kirill Kalabine
Head of the Chinese booth : Xiaohua Zhu

Meeting rooms and Assignments

Rooms 1-16 and the Assembly Hall are in the old building, rooms 3, 5 and Council Chamber on 1st floor, 7-12 on 3rd floor, room 16 behind the Assembly Hall (booth access 5/6th floor for both). Rooms 17-20 new E building, booth access to 17 and 18 on 2nd floor, to 19 and 20 on 4th floor. Rooms 21-27 are on 1st floor of E building.

Interpretation Service Offices: old building, door 6, 5th floor, offices C520 - 540.

Some meetings in Palais Wilson, OHCHR, address: entrance only with UN badge. Bus 1, stop "Gautier",  tram 13, 15, stop "Butini".

All assignments sent by email

Documents and Pay

Freelance contracts dealt with by

Ms Aline Genoud
Office C-520
Tel: +41-22 917 52 51

Pay by bank transfer.

Beware :
For contributions to be made directly to CPIT/CPIC a form has to be filled in every year.

Meeting Information on website . Meetings covered by UNOG include: trade and development issues in UNCTAD, technical cooperation in Europe in UNECE, human rights issues in OHCHR, refugees in HCR, disarmament in the CD and under disarmament conventions such as CCW, legal matters such as the ILC.

Freelance interpreters lounge with computers, telephone and boards where assignments posted as well as missions to be volunteered for, C-540.

Cafeteria on ground floor, cafe on 3rd floor and restaurant on 8th floor of old building, cafe on 1st and 6th floor of E building.

AIIC-UN Agreement applies.


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