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AIIC training committee seminars - introducing international institutions, Paris, 2010

The AIIC Training Committee, in cooperation with a number of international institutions, is organising a series of information seminars entitled "Introducing International Institutions" to be held at ESIT and ISIT in Paris.

Each of the seminars will be given by a representative of the interpreting services of an international institution and will cover 1) the work and workings of that institution, and 2) interpreting and recruitment of interpreters in, that institution.

The seminars are aimed at recent graduates of interpreting schools as much as at experienced interpreters and will offer you the chance to 1) find out something new about institutions that you are less familiar with and 2) meet the people who recruit interpreters at these same institutions

The seminars will be open to AIIC members and non-members alike. Membership applications forms will be available on the day.

Monday, 21st September, 2009 (19.00) - NATO - click here for details

Thursday 19th November, 2009 (19.00) - European Court of Justice - click here for details

Friday, 27th November, 2009 (19.00) - Council of Europe - click here for details

Thursday, 28th January, 2010 (19.00) - OECD - click here for details

Thursday, 11th February, 2010 (19.00) - European Patent Office - click here for details

Thursday, 8th April, 2010 (19.00) - European Parliament - click here for details

If you are interested, please confirm your attendance by the dates stated above for each seminar by e-mail to

Places will be limited. The seminars will be free of charge to participants, but a donation to AIIC's solidarity fund will be most welcome.

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