AIIC's rolling survey of interpreting schools and programmes

AIIC's Survey is open to all interpreting schools and programmes, excluding commercial initiatives.

Information submitted by interpreting Schools & Programmes will be published as part of AIIC's Schools Directory if the following criteria are met:

  • The course is only open to post-graduate students
  • Aptitude test before course begins (one year) or at an early stage in the course for longer courses
  • The course is taught by conference interpreters
  • The curriculum must include instruction in both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation
  • Course must be at least 2 semesters (1 academic year) long
  • The course must have already run for one academic year

Publication in itself does not constitute a recommendation by AIIC. 

Once a schools detailed information has been published users are then invited to compare this and the additional published information for each School or Programme with the following Best Practice recommendations drawn up by AIIC.

The Survey is part of AIIC's continuing efforts to promote good practice in the training of Conference Interpreters. A list of AIIC's recommendations for interpreting schools see our Best Practice page

AIIC's Schools Survey is open to all interpreting schools, excluding commercial initiatives. Information submitted by Interpreting Schools will be published as part of AIIC's Schools Directory.

Schools wishing to participate are invited to contact AIIC at

For reasons of practicality and transparency AIIC has changed the way in publishes information on interpreting Schools. We will no longer be approving, or not, Schools and Programmes as we have done in the past. Instead we will publish a list of each School or Programme's information in a format (a Data Sheet) that makes direct comparison with AIIC's recommendations very simple. Those recommendations remain unchanged and can be seen here

Schools will have to meet a restricted number of criteria to guarantee publication though publication itself does not constitute a recommendation by AIIC.

AIIC considers that when all, or a large majority, of these conditions have been met the basic conditions for training conference interpreters are sound. AIIC does not and cannot assess the standard of teaching, of the qualification awarded nor of the graduates at any given school.

Some Schools & Programmes are unable to comply with one or other AIIC criteria for reasons beyond their control, eg national regulations. Such limitations are described by each school in notes at the bottom of the School's Data Sheet.

The Survey responses will be checked by AIIC's Training group

The AIIC Schools Directory is an ongoing publication. New schools will be published as soon as their responses to the Survey have been checked.

If you have any questions, please contact

Recommended citation format:
AIIC Training and Professional Development. "AIIC's rolling survey of interpreting schools and programmes". April 1, 2010. Accessed July 4, 2020. <>.

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