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EU - report from the EU negotiating delegation, May 2010

Report from the EU negotiating delegation on quality monitoring.

Quality monitoring at the Commission

Following the resolution adopted at the meeting on 3 March 2010, SCIC’s Directorate A (responsible for quality) asked for a meeting with AIIC’s EU Negotiating Delegation.  The meeting was held on 12 April.

It was agreed that:

  • while the recast Employability Coefficient System, and in particular the rating system for ACIs’ professional competence, took effect on 1 February 2010, it can be considered as being in running-in phase until 1 September 2010
  • during this phase HIUs will look at the position of each ACI on the basis of the information available and in the framework of the recast system (extended scale and new descriptors)
  • when this period ends SCIC will evaluate the system on how it is working in practice, with ACIs’ representatives informed
  • an informal dialogue between ACIs’ representatives and Directorate A, separate from the consultations in the framework of  the Agreement, will in future provide a framework where both sides can discuss any question of mutual interest.

It was noted that the design of the assessment reports in SERIF (online ACI reporting system) will be adjusted to allow for greater precision and that while the rating scale has been extended, the rating for access to long-term recruitment remains 2.

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