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AIIC Interpreting Retour Seminars

AIIC is holding a series of talks, to be broadcast online, on retour interpreting.

28th September 2010, NATO HQ, Brussels - Retour with Chris de Fortis

Chris de Fortis is a senior interpreter with NATO, one of the largest recruiters of bi-active (retour) interpreters in the world. He also manages the Cambridge Conference Interpretation summer course and is a jury member at interpreting schools final exams. Chris' active languages are English and French.

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Monday 10th January 2011, 7 pm, ESIT, Paris - Retour with Clare Donovan

Clare is Director of the ESIT interpreting school in Paris and has many years experience as a teacher of conference interpreting. She has written widely, and is editor and author of the EMCI publication, “Teaching Simultaneous into a 'B' language”.

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Spring 2011, (date to be confirmed), Monterey, California - Retour with Jackie Harmer

Spring 2011, (date to be confirmed), ISIT, Paris - Retour with Andy Gillies

This event will be a repeat of this webinar

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