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EU - report from the EU negotiating delegation, May 2011


24/11/2010 – ECJ ruling in case C-40/2010, overturning the Council of Ministers’ decision to apply a lower indexation percentage than the Commission had proposed.

By late December and early January, Commission officials had begun to receive their back pay and their adjusted salaries, with some corrections still pending.

07/12/2010 -The Professional Delegation at the Commission asked SCIC about the indexation of payments to ACI.

20/01/2011 – Asked about it again by the Professional Delegation, SCIC said it had asked the PMO to calculate the sums due.

01/03/2011 – The Professional Delegation wrote to SCIC to check progress.

11/03/2011 – SCIC replied with assurances that matters were in hand.

21/03/2011 –AIIC’s EU Negotiating Delegation raised the matter at its meeting with the Institutions. SCIC said it had still not had details of the amounts for the different periods from the PMO, and that any late payment interest due would be paid. We included this information in our April report, and covered it at our information meeting on 22 March.

13/04/2011 – AIIC’s EU Negotiating Delegation wrote to the Director General of SCIC, protesting about the delay.

20/04/2011 – SCIC Director General replied that he had instructed his staff to follow up the request to the PMO and to make every effort to obtain the details required.

06/05/2011 – As the Negotiating Delegation was on the point of sending a further protest, SCIC informed us that the details had now been received from the PMO, and SCIC would start making payments next week; given the large volume of payments, this could take time but it would make every effort to complete all payments by the end of May.

You are urged to check your own payments. Your Delegations will monitor the process, including the late payment interest element.

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