UN - record of decisions of the sub-sectoral meeting, London, 17 January 2012

Chairperson: Marisa Pinkney
Rapporteur: Jane Streetly

Present: L. Ferret, J. Wang, F. Forster, M. Justo, A. Wheatcroft, L. Proffitt, I. Carter, J. Streetly, M. Pinkney, M. Shorter, J. Beteinber-Zeto, F. Cronin, N. Pham, B. Betthauser-Conte, S. Adam Kuenen, Z. Dianrong

Represented: B. Fisher, R. Dazin, A. Subercaseaux, C. Meibergen

The meeting was called to order by Marisa Pinkney, the ND representative for the region.

She gave an account of the meeting in Geneva between the AIIC Negotiating Delegation (lead by Malick Sy) and representatives of the UN organisations, which was held from 12 to 14 December 2011 leading to a new AIIC-UN Agreement. There are still a couple of outstanding matters (eg. webcasts) which are to be looked at by a Working Group in February. The full text has yet to be published, but members are advised to check the Extranet where detailed information can be found.

M. Pinkney explained that UN had insisted that, for reasons of internal oversight, the Agreement must be derived from the UN salary scale. Negotiations led to freelance remuneration being linked to UN P4 Step VI, plus a voluntary 9% social security element, plus the relevant post adjustment calculations for each HQ. This was a higher grade than that originally offered by the UN. The UN also wanted all HQs to have the same base in USD, this then to be converted at the UN rate of exchange into the currency of the HQ. As of 1 January 2012, this gives a standard rate of GBP 412.- for London, with a maximum of 8 sessions per week to be worked.

UN attempts to negotiate increased work load were not agreed.

The World rate has increased and 2 new HQs (Madrid and Montreal) have been added.

Locals will no longer be paid for weekends which are not worked, but organisations must state prior to issuing contracts whether the interpreter will be required to work the weekend. There will be a new clause on options spelling out rights and obligations. With regard to travel, full travel days including the first day the first day of travel will be paid at 100% (it was 50% in the old Agreement). Short-haul remains unchanged. The 48 hour rest period for long flights has been dropped in line with UN staff travel regulations. For details of all these changes, please consult the Extranet.

Once again a huge vote of thanks was given to our ND representative, Marisa Pinkney, for her hard work and dedication.

The meeting also reaffirmed the private market status of other organisations which recruit interpreters in London.

A World Sectoral meeting is to be held on 17 March 2012 to decide on this new Agreement. Please send proxies if you are unable to attend.

The new Agreement will come into effect on 1 July 2012 or earlier once it has been approved by the WS and ratified by the AIIC Council and the Organisations.

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Marisa PINKNEY. "UN - record of decisions of the sub-sectoral meeting, London, 17 January 2012". aiic.net. January 30, 2012. Accessed February 20, 2017. <http://aiic.net/p/3813>.

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