¿Qué es VEGA?

VEGA es una red mundial de intérpretes de conferencia profesionales, que son todos ellos socios de AIIC, dedicada a ayudar a los intérpretes principiantes y a los aspirantes a intérprete a desarrollar su carrera.

Aspirante a intérprete:

Si ya has decidido ser intérprete y quieres saber más, no pases por alto nuestra lista de preguntas más frecuentes. Y si nada más sientes curiosidad por esta profesión, asómate a Un día en la vida de un intérprete de conferencias .


Si acabas de estrenarte, deberías leer nuestros consejos para principiantes. Al principio, te preguntarás muchas veces si te conviene aceptar una oferta de trabajo o no. Consulta nuestra lista de comprobaciones de rutina para ofertas de trabajo. Antes de salir para tu primer día de trabajo, lee algo sobre los buenos modales en la cabina. Y después de tu primera conferencia, haz una pausa para recapacitar sobre cómo dirigir tu carrera a largo plazo.


AIIC es una asociación de profesionales, abierta y representativa. Aunque no todos los intérpretes de conferencias pertenecen a ella, agruparse en el seno de una asociación mundial de intérpretes funcionarios y freelance es algo que debe sopesarse. Aquí explicamos porqué.

¿Más preguntas? Háznoslas con el formulario de contacto.

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Nyssa I appreciate your due respect and thank you for it. I would have appreciated it even more had it been shown during the meeting.

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Nyssa Fiona GREGORY


correction in last sentence: "...for Austria."

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Nyssa Fiona GREGORY



With all due respect, that is an outrageous misrepresentation of the meeting. You spoke many times, far more than anyone else apart from me - and I only spoke in response to your repeated questions and those of other colleagues on the rare occasions when you actually gave them a chance to get a word in edgeways. You also say that the "the discussion was not contradictory enough", when, in fact, you did little else but monopolise the floor in order repeatedly to contradict my explanations, even while knowing full well that they were expressed in good faith and with the utmost sympathy for the views of those who are unhappy with the draft Agreement - unhappiness which I endorsed, at considerable personal cost, by publicly associating myself at the negotiations with the reservation of the ND member for France.

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This is a fair reflection of this meeting. However, the title is erroneous (I guess this is a general title for all the reports of subsectorals in different cities) as NO decision has been taken during the meeting and actually couldn't be, as it is up to the WS and for each member individually.

I happen to be one of "one or two colleagues reserving their position" and I am sorry to say that during one hour and half meeting I haven't been given a chance to clearly explain my opinion about the negative sides of the draft being constantly interrupted by the ND member, maybe because she actually knew my arguments from a thread on this site, while I rather aimed to give some arguments against this agreement to colleagues present in the meeting and not to engage myself in bilateral discussion of the merits of the draft agreement with the ND member. I don't mean to say I was hushed on purpose to hide these negative sides: the ND member very honestly invited the membership to consult this site and the thread about the agreement where different critical opinions are expressed but I feel that the discussion was not contradictory enough.

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Thank you Nyssa,warts and all is exactly what it is.But a dose of realism is not to be refused.

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