Advice on conference interpretation for hotel managers

Good conference interpretation is one of the many services clients look for when they book conference facilities. As a Conference Hotel Manager, you will want to be sure that your clients are satisfied with the interpretation provided at your venue. Here are some points to bear in mind:

The interpretation service is always "made to measure" to suit the requirements of each meeting. As with all aspects of the conference business, success on the day depends on careful preparation and good coordination.

Your clients will look for professional, experienced interpreters and, in the case of simultaneous interpretation, equipment which provides good sound to listeners. In most cases, the equipment for simultaneous interpretation is supplied separately from the recruitment of the interpreters because two distinct specialist activities are involved. However, the equipment supplier and the consultant recruiting the interpreters will usually be in contact at all stages of the conference.

Because a number of critical choices have to be made - regarding the type of interpretation and the interaction of the languages for example - it is important that the providers of the interpretation service are given adequate information regarding the meeting.

As the link between the interpretation suppliers and the users of interpretation, you can help to ensure a satisfactory service by obtaining as much information as possible from your client about the interpretation requirements.

In order to ensure that the right choices are made, the consultant recruiting the interpreters needs not only factual information, i.e. details regarding the timetable, subject matter, conference languages, conference style (free discussion or formal programme with speakers, recording requirements), but also less tangible information about the aims and objectives of the parties involved, the purpose and status of the meeting, the general background as well as the language distribution of the participants.

The consultant recruiting the team of interpreters will be glad to work closely with you to ensure that the interpretation makes a positive contribution to the success of your conference service. However, you may find it helpful to put your client in direct contact with the Consultant Interpreter so that they can discuss the details of the service.

Membership of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) is open only to interpreters who have shown the necessary aptitude and qualification; members are expected to respect high standards of professional practice.

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