Business clients

'Business clients' is a general term, covering all clients for whom freelance interpreters work except national/international governmental organisations.

When business clients need interpreters they will contact freelance interpreters. Interpreters often prefer to call these clients the private market.

Which types of clients?

Any body organising a meeting/conference may require interpreters. Clients may not come from the business community.

They may be associations, professional bodies, trade unions, NGOs etc. Or they may be businesses organising regular meetings, special conferences, or events such as product launches etc.

Consultant interpreters : an added value

Clients sometimes need interpreters only once. But sometimes they have regular meetings and will ask an interpreter they know and have dealt with in the past to organise a team of interpreters for each event.

This interpreter will often be a consultant interpreter with experience in advising and recruiting for clients.

These assignments are usually short, lasting only 2 or 3 days, or even less.

One meeting a day

Interpreters will not accept more than one meeting on the same day. Consequently, they will bill you for a full day. Even if you do not need their service for a whole day, AIIC interpreters will spend time for you:

  • They study the information you send them about your meeting, or research a subject with which they are unfamiliar.
  • They will need time to reach the venue.
  • A little extra time for a pre-meeting briefing of interpreters is always a good idea.
  • The meeting may run over the agreed time.

Looking for an interpreter? AIIC interpreters take their clients seriously. They are professionals.

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