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What is it like to be a conference interpreter?


The Whisperers (documentary film)
This documentary seeks to reveal the essential qualities that conference interpreters seem to possess, and to portray the day-to-day working life of interpreters

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The Interpreters: a historical perspective
Produced and created by Evelyn Moggio-Ortiz. 

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A day in the life of an interpreter (BBC)
Follow a day in the life of a veteran EU staff interpreter in this BBCphoto essay.


Interpreters at the United Nations: A History
Jesus Baigorri. 2004, Ediciones de la Universidad de Salamanca.
This book is a timely reminder of the role played by interpreters in the history of The United Nations.

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De Paris à Nuremburg: naissance de l'interprétation de conférence
Jesús Baigorri.

The Origins of Simultaneous Interpretation: The Nuremberg Trial
Francesca Gaiba

For a review of the book by interpreting historian Jesús Baigorri-Jalón, click this link

Die Nürnberger Prozesse: Erinnerungen des Simultandolmetschers
Siegfried Ramler

Nuremberg and Beyond : The Memoirs of Siegfried Ramler, From 20th Century Europe to Hawaii

Danica Seleskovitch - interprète et temoin du XXe siècle
Anne-Marie Widlund
A biography of the matriarch of the profession written by former Head of French interpreting at the European Parliament.

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The Nuremberg Trial,
Patricia Vander Elst

Read about this seminal event in an article by one of the interpreters.

Interpreting at the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal
Kayoko Takeda sheds light on a seminal, yet somewhat overlooked event in interpreting history.

Ty nic nie mów, ja będę tłumaczył (You keep quiet, and I’ll translate.)
Malgorzata Tryuk

You can find several articles on the history of the profession here.

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