Managing your multilingual event

Recruiting interpreters can be a daunting prospect if you are unfamiliar with the language professions. It requires an understanding of language combinations, of practices of interpretation, etc. to define your needs.

Consultant interpreters are just what you need to help you avoid the pitfalls when hiring professional interpreters. The consultant interpreter puts his/her expertise as interpreter and organiser at your disposal. She or he knows interpreters, how they work, their languages and where to find them.

Planning your multilingual event

Most international conferences nowadays are conducted in several languages. They require a professional multilingual communication service that allows participants to speak without constraint in their own languages and within their own cultural contexts, comfortable in the knowledge that all participants can understand them.

In other words, you need conference interpreters when you organise a meeting with several languages.

Defining your requirements

A variety of criteria will determine your requirements when buying interpretation services. It is important to decide right at the start which languages will be spoken by the speakers and which languages will be understood by your audience. It will help determine the number of interpreters you need.

But other elements determine your requirements, such as the set-up of the conference and, of course, your budget, the number of participants (speakers and audience), the size and equipment of the conference room, …

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Languages at your meeting

Which languages do your listeners understand? Which languages do your speakers speak comprehensibly? Choosing the right languages for your meeting is crucial for its success.

Active languages are the languages into which interpretation is provided. All listeners will need to understand one of them in order to follow the proceedings.

Passive languages are the languages participants will be able to speak. There may be more passive languages than active languages.

Your choice of active and passive languages will determine your interpreting needs and budget. You will look for interpretation to cover active and passive languages according to your speakers' and listeners' language skills.

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Choosing your supplier

Choosing the right provider of conference services is crucial for the success of your meeting. Making the right choice is easier said than done.

Many people claim to be conference interpreters and some say that they can arrange impeccable conference interpretation services. Your best bet is to rely on an AIIC consultant interpreter.

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How much it will cost

Conference interpretation may seem a costly item. In fact it usually costs less than just one of the traditional banquets or receptions offered, even though you're hiring highly qualified professionals.

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