AIIC works for all interpreters

With its hybrid system of individual membership and networks based on professional interests, market sectors and geographic regions, AIIC is well equipped to meet the challenges that a globalizing world presents to the community of interpreters.

Across all market sectors, AIIC promotes the professional ethics and standards essential to quality service, good communication, and interpreters’ health – for everyone everywhere.

Institutional market

AIIC has a record of successfully negotiating
agreements with large institutions covering recruitment, remuneration and working conditions for 
all freelance interpreters, be they AIIC members or not. We have agreements with:

Staff interpreters

Staff Interpreters Committee brings together members who work for
national or international governmental and non-governmental organisations. The committee promotes research into matters affecting staff interpreters and meets regularly to discuss developments in their institutions.

Private market

Our Private Market Sector is a forum for discussion on all matters affecting freelance and consultant interpreters - new technologies, business practices, the evolution of markets, quality assurance, etc. Its twice-yearly meetings attract colleagues from around the world, offer ample networking opportunities, and often coincide with professional development workshops. 

Crosscutting activities

Through its various groups and regions, AIIC carries out activities that cut across market sectors to promote the profession as a whole and to contribute to the professional development and well-being of practitioners. These include short courses for interpreters and trainers, research projects, online publications, outreach activities, and cooperation with other professional bodies.

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