Who can join AIIC?

AIIC does not consider the admissions process to be a "test" or membership to be a "certification" in the strict sense of the word. The association does, however, admit only competent professional interpreters.

By requiring a minimum number of days worked under professional conditions, AIIC effectively asks applicants to pass the "test" of the workplace.

By requiring sponsorship by members who have worked with and listened to an applicant, AIIC again puts the emphasis on performance in real-life settings. Sponsorship must not be taken lightly. A member who agrees to sign for an applicant is vouching both for the individual's professional competence and for their undertaking to abide by the accepted professional ethics.

A potential sponsor, therefore, is advised to talk at length with the applicant and provide information on the profession and the association.

Furthermore, by applying to AIIC, the applicant is undertaking a commitment to abide by the Code of Ethics.

Application Checklist

If you are already familiar with the application procedure, this simple checklist may be all you need

  • Start by reading the AIIC Code of Ethics and Professional Standards. To become a member of AIIC, you are expected to observe the association's rules and regulations.
  • Read the instructions on the application form carefully.  The Committee for Admissions and Language Classification (CACL) is there to help if you need assistance.
  • Refer to the Regulation Governing Admissions and Language Classification for further clarification.
  • Fill in all sections of the form and write the name of your languages in full or use the ISO abbreviation. Ensure that sponsors fill in all the languages they are sponsoring, give details of the last meeting when they worked with you and sign and date the form.
  • Provide a list of your days worked. If you work for a large institution as a freelance or staff interpreter, you may attach a certificate from that institution in lieu of your list of days.

You may fax or email your application to the AIIC Secretariat if you wish, but you must also send all documents by regular mail.

Make sure you fulfil the following requirements *:


  • At least 150 days of work overall according to AIIC's rules and regulations;
  • At least 3 sponsors, including 2 from your region :
    • who have listened to you work at a meeting no more than three years prior to the date at which they signed your application;
    • who have signed your application form no more than three years prior to the date at which the AIIC Secretariat receives your application;
    • who are active members of AIIC;
    • who have 5 years seniority in the languages they are sponsoring;
    • who cover at least one language pair.

Minimum Requirements for Language Coverage

  • Each A language to be covered by at least 2 sponsors with an A in that language. All A sponsors taken together must cover all the candidate's language combinations.
  • Each B language to be covered by at least 1 sponsor with an A and 1 with an A or B in that language. Each sponsor for a B language must also have an A, a B or a C in the applicant's A language.
  • Each C language to be covered by at least 2 sponsors with an A, B or C in that language. Each sponsor for a C language must also have an A or a B in the applicant's A language. One of your sponsors for a C language could have a C in your A language provided he/she has an A in your C language.
  • Each pair must be covered by sponsors at least once. Each language must be covered twice.


*If you find it impossible to fulfil one or more of the admission or reclassification requirements, send CACL a covering letter with your application, explaining your circumstances and requesting a waiver for one or more requirements.

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