Professional advice & resources

AIIC's selection of professional resources.

Want to become an interpreter?

You’ve studied languages, are interested in world cultures and current affairs, and wonder if interpreting might be the right career for you. You’ve come to the right place to find answers to your questions.

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Just starting your career?

We’ll help get you going with a review of practical considerations, such as making yourself known, professional standards, team work, networking, and career management.

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Major institutions

International organisations are significant employers of conference interpreters all around the world, and AIIC negotiates agreements governing employment of freelancers with many of them. Practical advice and tips on this market sector will help pave your way.

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Interpreting for business & the business of interpreting

You may not be an innate businessperson but if you decide to freelance, you will need to learn how to track your work and income, establish good relationships with clients and colleagues, negotiate, and keep up with market trends. It’s all about managing your career.

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AIIC offers information and advice for those thinking of pursuing a degree in conference interpreting. We also maintain a list of further training and refresher courses being offered around the globe, some sponsored by AIIC groups and others not.

In addition, AIIC Training organises short courses and webinars for interpreter trainers.

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AIIC sponsors research on interpreting, especially on how working conditions affect performance and health. We have published studies on workload and stress, how users perceive interpreting, and aging.

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Equipment & standards

The quality and reliability of the equipment we use determine the quality and reliability of the interpretation. AIIC collaborates with the ISO on standards for booths and sound equipment, and monitors new technologies.

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AIIC publications

Follow our blog for the latest views on a multilingual world as seen through the eyes of practitioners.

And read our twice-yearly webzine, now in its 13th year of bringing you the voices of interpreters on the conference circuit.

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