Checklist for hiring simultaneous interpretation equipment

The simultaneous interpretation equipment is usually hired separately from the interpretation service. Here are some points to help you ensure that the equipment you hire is adequate.

  • As a rule, your equipment supplier should provide the whole system, including microphones, amplifiers and headsets, in order to avoid technical hitches. The hotel microphone and amplifier system (PA system) is frequently incompatible with the simultaneous equipment.
  • The equipment supplier's technician should operate the system throughout the conference rather than leave it in the hands of untrained operators. The equipment supplier should provide experienced technicians for the duration of the conference.
  • Ensure the equipment supplier includes sufficient microphones and receivers for all speakers and delegates. All microphones should be monitored from the central console operated by the technicians.
  • Make sure you have the right number of booths. As a general rule you will need one booth per language. An AIIC Consultant Interpreter will be pleased to discuss all details with you.
  • To enable speakers to move away from the rostrum, a roving lapel or neck microphone should be provided.
  • Please ensure that the booths meet ISO standards as regards ventilation and lighting and are positioned in such a way that interpreters can see the rostrum and the screen used during the meeting. Each booth must have a console, individual controls with a microphone, a headset and a small reading lamp for each interpreter.

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