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The Interpreters’ Newsletter, Expertise in conference interpreting - Call for papers

Important dates: manuscript submission (15 January 2013), notification of acceptance (30 April 2013), publication (December 2013)

Guest Editors: Alessandra Riccardi and Mariachiara Russo


Expertise in conference interpreting has become a prominent research area in Interpreting Studies in recent years. The notions of norms, strategies, individual style, problem-solving ability, adaptive and routine expert are linked to the concept of expertise. Expertise in interpreting can be studied in its development and may be influenced by factors such as working conditions, experience, background, cognitive load.

The aim of this issue on expertise in conference interpreting is providing an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to present their state-of-art research results in this field.

The goal is reaching a better understanding of the various facets of expertise, its acquisition, enhancement and limits. The editors invite theoretical and empirical contributions to address different aspects of expertise in interpreting. Papers must be submitted in English or French and describe original research which has neither been published nor is currently under review by other journals or conferences. Submitted manuscripts will be subject to a process of peer review.

Topics of interest

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Expert novice paradigm and the progression of expertise
  • Routine vs. adaptive experts
  • Interpreting skills and expertise
  • Norms and strategies of expert performance
  • Expertise in different working settings (private market vs. international organizations)
  • Expertise and quality
  • Expertise and interpreting modalities (simultaneous, consecutive, hybrid forms)
  • Prosodic features characterizing expert performance
  • Workload management, speed management and cognitive load management
  • Large-scale studies on expertise
  • Expertise and teaching

Manuscripts will be around 6,000 words long, including references and should be sent as Word attachments to the e-mail addresses and

(Subject: “PAPER IN 2013”).

For guidelines please consult:

Important dates

  • Manuscript submission: 15 January 2013
  • Notification of acceptance: 30 April 2013
  • Publication: December 2013

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