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If email's your main port of call, learn how to subscribe to the AIIC blog's RSS feed - or any other - and get alerts right in your inbox.

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As an interpreter and an AIIC member, I want to keep up with what we're doing and saying on our website. Practical question: how do I make sure I stay abreast of AIIC blog content when there is no e-mail subscription option?

An RSS feed reader might help. There are plenty of them and lots are free. Trouble is, I cannot bring myself to check yet another source of information regularly. Email's my main source of job offers, documents, feedback, jokes, whatever, and the one thing I try to check even when I'm running a high fever.

Having to check a feed reader for AIIC updates doesn't work for me. As soon as I dive into a week-long difficult job with lots of last-minute documents, checking RSS just won't happen. Period.

So instead of after moaning about the lack of email subscription support, I found an alternative: websites that forward your feed updates to your email. They're free if you don't subscribe to a lot of feeds.

RSS FWD was my first find, Feed My Inbox my second. You sign up, prove you're a human being by reading a few distorted characters, prove you own your email address by clicking on the link they send you, select your update frequency and a couple more options if you want to, and you're all set. Then you copy the RSS feed URL ( ) into the right box. Feed My Inbox lets you set things up to make it even simpler to add more feeds once you've registered.

I'd still like to receive the whole article via email, but this is much better than nothing. Let us know if you've found a better way to keep up with the blog.

(Generation gap note: my babysitter doesn't check her email at all. Facebook's my best bet to reach her, she claims – even better than texting, because she switches off her cell in class. Oy. And I'm the client. Here's to Facebook not becoming the next thing in business correspondence.)

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Dear Mary! 

Thank you for this post that is interesting indeed! 

Another option might be the following: in some mail programmes, you can add RSS feeds. You will then receive the messages by e-mail in your e-mail programme. It works with Mail (Apple). It should work with Outlook, too, because I found the following description on the Microsoft page:

Kind regards Angelika

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