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EU - Report from the EU Negotiating Delegation, September 2012

Report of the EU Negotiating delegation on Mandatory insurance, Indexation, Age limit, Remote interpreting, and Single professional domicile.

1. Mandatory insurance

DG SCIC has informed us that the insurer had told them it wanted to withdraw from the contract, which the Commission negotiates and signs on behalf of the three Institutions which are parties to the Agreement. The reason given was the unprofitability of the policy. SCIC is currently exploring various options. At a meeting with your representatives at the end of July it outlined some of these. We will keep you informed of developments.

2. Indexation

Remuneration: You should by now have received all back payments due following delayed indexation, and the interest due for late payment. Your representatives are monitoring the situation concerning decisions on further indexation.

Pension contributions: Your delegation asked whether any interest had been paid on late payment of the differential in pension contributions resulting from indexation. The Institutions replied that there was no legal basis for such interest. In contrast to officials’ pensions which are funded by the pay-as-you-go method, ACIs’ pensions are based on a funded system. The Administration has however agreed to try and identify a legal basis for any such interest in the future.

3. Payment of art. 11 between successive non-local contracts

If you have two non-local contracts in two different locations with a day in between, on which you travel from the first location to the second, SCIC treats that day as a travel day, not as an art. 11 day. The delegation has raised this with SCIC, so far inconclusively. Meanwhile you may wish to take this into account when considering such contract proposals.

4. Single professional domicile

You are reminded that AIIC rules preclude members from having more than one professional domicile at any given time. The professional domicile declared to the Institutions should therefore be the same as that declared to AIIC.

5. Inter-institutional tests

New guidelines on inter-institutional ACI accreditation tests have given rise to several questions, and the Negotiating Delegation has raised the matter with the Institutions. The latter have proposed a meeting to discuss this, and we will keep you informed of the outcome.

6. Age limit

No change can be expected to the Commission’s age limit on recruitment as a result of the ruling in the case we have been monitoring. Should there be any further developments we will keep you informed.

7. Remote interpreting

Details of the request from the European Council President have been published on SCICNet. Having been involved in the negotiation of the existing inter-institutional agreement on remote interpreting alongside staff colleagues, your Negotiating Delegation is liaising with staff colleagues on the matter.

8. Information meeting for ACI

Your professional delegations and negotiating delegation are planning an information meeting for colleagues in October. Details will be provided in the invitation, which will be sent in due course via AIIC’s mailing list.

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