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Conference Interpreting: A Trainer's Guide
Robin Setton and Andrew Dawrant, 2016, Benjamins
This extraordinary work gives detailed practical advice together with thorough academic referencing and is an invaluable tool for trainers. It accompanies the student's book Conference Interpreting: A Complete Course.

To Know How to Suggest - Approaches to Teaching Conference Interpreting
Doerte Andres & Martina Behr (Eds.), 2014, Frank & Timme
An excellent collection of very useful essays for trainers covering such things as giving feedback, introducing simultaneous and an overview of the various approaches taken to teaching consecutive over the years

Basic Concepts and Models for Interpreter and Translator training
Daniel Gile, 1995, Benjamins

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Pédagogie Raisonnée de l'interprétation
Danica Seleskovitch & Marianne Lederer, 1989, Paris, Didier Erudition.

A Systematic Approach to Teaching Interpretation
Danica Seleskovitch & Marianne Lederer, 1989, The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.
This book is an English translation of Pedagogie Raisonnée de l'interprétation by Jacolyn Harmer.

Conference Interpreting: A Student's Practice Book
Andrew Gillies, 2013, Routledge.

Interpreting: From Preparation to Performance. Recipes for practitioners and Teachers
Csilla Szabó et al, British Council, Budapest. ISBN963 20 6409 7

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