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Are you curious about Conference Interpreting? Or already a student looking for tips and tricks to help you? Try these books...

Simultaneous & Consecutive

Simultaneous & Consecutive

Conference Interpreting: A Complete Course
Robin Setton and Andrew Dawrant, 2016, Benjamins
This excellent and thorough book is the most complete training manual available to student interpreters. It also comes with an accompanying teacher's book.

Conference interpreting explained
Roderick Jones, 1995, St Jerome
The standard reference for anyone wishing to learn how conference interpreting is done and learnt. Available from St Jerome

L'interprète dans les conférences internationales
Danica Seleskovitch, 1968, Cahiers Champollion
A classic text from one of the pioneers in interpreter training. Also available in English as "Interpreting for International Conferences"

Conference Interpreting – Principles and Practice
Valerie Taylor-Bouladon, Booksurge.
A very informative book covering both the general principles guiding our profession as well as some very practical advice and tips.

Conference Interpreting: A Student's Practice Book
Andrew Gillies, 2013, Routledge. 
A compilation of exercises to help students improve their languages and practice the component skills of  consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

Consecutive interpreting

La prise de notes en interprétation consécutive
Rozan, Jean Francois, 1956, Geneva, Georg.
The classic text on note-taking for consecutive interpreting. Out of print in French and available only in libraries and antique book shops.

Available in English and Polish translations here

Note-taking for Consecutive Interpreting - A Short Course
Andrew Gillies, 2005, St Jerome.
A comprehensive and step-by-step look at consecutive note-taking technique.

Read a review here

Zhu-bu kou-yi yu bi-ji [Consecutive interpretation and note-taking].
Minhua Liu, 2008, Taipei: Bookman.
This Chinese-language book was originally published in 1993 and has recently been revised and republished.

Técnicas de interpretación consecutva: la toma de notas
Bosch, Clara, 2012, Comares: Granada.

Messaggi in codice
Claudia Monacelli,
Analisi del discorso e strategie per prenderne appunti, Forli

Consecutive Interpreting
Hiromi Ito-Bergerot, Chikako Tsuruta and Minoru Naito
Consecutive interpreting techniques explained in Japanese.

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