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This community-driven website is the place to go for any and all questions about spoken language translation.

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Wondering what skill-sets are needed for success? Where to study? Which languages are in demand on your market?, sponsored and hosted by AIIC, is the place to go for answers.

Up and running for barely a year now, the site treats a full range of topics – after all users are setting the agenda! As of this writing, the home page (with a default view of the currently most active posts) shows questions on iPad apps and blogs for interpreters, schools, language combinations, court interpreting, accents, continuing education, research, assessment, useful videos and more.

This mix has brought success. In the last 6 months, the site has received more than 26,000 visits from some 14,900 unique visitors.

The site is certainly user friendly. Anyone can pose a question and everyone is welcome to offer answers. In effect, the answer area often becomes a place of dialogue – both between the person asking for information and those offering it, and among the latter themselves. Both Q’s and A’s can be voted up or down, allowing users to easily identify matters that have aroused great interest and/or admiration. And the number of answers in each thread is clearly visible, pointing you toward an unanswered question that you just might have an answer to.

By way of example

Let’s see what this means. If you switch the view to “most voted” questions, you’ll see that Recorded conferences or presentations for practising SI has opened a huge lead in popularity with 20 up-votes and nearly 6,000 views. Everyone wants to know where to find good material on which they can hone their skills, and on this thread you’ll find links to speeches in Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. The thread is still open so feel free to contribute more for one of your languages.

In case you were wondering, the next two most voted questions are Alumni Feedback: Wishful thinking based on your experience on professional life and Tips in improving one’s A language.

I’ve already mentioned the most viewed page, but how about the runners-up? Second place currently goes to What iPad apps are good for use in the booth? (3.2K views). And in a dead heat for third at 2.3K we have What are the best interpreter bloopers? and What soft skills does an interpreter need?

How it works is a community-driven site for interpreters, students, trainers, users of interpreting services and other stakeholders. That means everyone with an interest can participate on an equal footing. Users earn points when their questions or answers are upvoted. Points lead to moderation privileges – for example, with just 10 you can begin to leave comments on answers, while 1,000 will give you the right to retag questions (BTW: tags are a very good way to navigate the site). Points also lead to badges. My favorite is Necromancer – what a nice ring that has!

The FAQ page provides a handy overview of the site – what it’s all about, how it differs from a forum, how best to ask and answer questions, even how to behave. I especially like this bit of advice: “Treat others with the same respect you'd want them to treat you. We're all here to learn together.” Now that is definitely a good soft skill for any interpreter!

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