AIIC Private Market Sector in Brussels: tweeted and served

Market trends and challenges, the interpreting business in times of economic crisis, and remote interpreting were on the table in the heart of Europe.

FR/EN interpreting was provided by AIIC volunteers
Photo credits: © Claudia Ricci

From the editor: Every six months AIIC's Private Market Sector (PriMS) brings together freelancers from around the world to discuss current developments, from technology to economic ups-and-downs, from public tendering to accounting for interpreters. Many attending are also consultant interpreters who bring their own expertise to bear on market trends and changing client needs around the world. It goes without saying that discussion is lively. Our thanks go to Claudia Ricci, a member of the PRIMS Standing Committee, for putting together this bird's-eye view of the goings-on.

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Claudia RICCI. "AIIC Private Market Sector in Brussels: tweeted and served". February 1, 2013. Accessed July 2, 2020. <>.

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