SCIC update: a report from the AIIC professional delegation

Below is a brief report on the information meeting held on 19/03/2013, some information on further developments in SCIC, and an appeal to colleagues to put in place a network of correspondents

Standing room only at the brainstorming session on ACI recruitment matters, organized by the AIIC professional delegation at SCIC on Tuesday 19 March  - a sure sign of the controversy surrounding the subject, with the recent Scicnet forum discussion about the EN booth. 

Given the short notice, the turnout was telling. We started by reminding colleagues that we had repeatedly questioned and warned SCIC administration about the implications of their policy over the past three years (see minutes of meetings at

In the very lively discussion, it was heartening to see that inter-generational support is alive and well across all booths. Interpreters with many years of service provided the perspective of long experience. Recent entrants to the profession, present en masse, gave first-hand accounts of how precarious their situation is, and the sacrifices they are making, and provided their own insight and suggestions.

All the ideas put forward in the discussion will be drawn on as we now turn to the Administration and seek

  • more information and openness about recruitment matters
  • a meeting with the SCIC administration about slowing the pace in accreditation testing and resetting the message about shortages
  • a subsequent in-depth dialogue about the other recruitment-related problems, especially the use of the Quick calendar.

We also announced that the Quick calendar will be the subject of a comprehensive survey of ACI via our new communication tool, the electronic mailing list established by AIIC, now ready to roll out.

It goes without saying that positive outcomes can be achieved only if we can count on the wholesale support of the ACI population, acting as one.

Furthermore, given that issues concerning recruitment at one Institution affect the whole sector, the Professional Delegation at the European Parliament is also providing support and information, and has raised the matter at a recent meeting with DG INTE.

As announced on the Current ACI Recruitment thread, on 22/03/2013 the Professional Delegation asked SCIC Administration for a meeting about the problems with the recruitment policy for young colleagues, generally referred to as La relève or the succession policy. The meeting is scheduled for Friday, 03/05/2013, with SCIC represented at Director level. We will report on the outcome asap.

Please note that in June there will be the customary meeting of the Professional Delegation and the Administration on the planning of the 2014 long-term recruitment exercise.

To ensure greater effectiveness, better information gathering, and to promote ongoing dialogue with all ACI, the AIIC Delegations in the EU sector want to create a network of correspondents covering all language units. What we have in mind is one or more colleagues per unit to be the « eyes and ears » of the AIIC Delegations, keeping us abreast of developments and problems that may be specific to the individual units. Please note that the idea is to have a communication channel, not an extra layer of representation.

Volunteers are invited to contact any of the various members of AIIC’s EU sector delegations.

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