Interpreters freelancing for the EU voice concern over recruitment policy

Meeting in Brussels in July 2013, freelance interpreters working regularly for SCIC confirmed their concern about very short term recruitment and asked their delegations to take action.

A successful information meeting was organised in Brussels on Tuesday 9 July. Capacity attendance meant lively discussions, with a representative mix of booths and generations, confirming the concern felt about very short term recruitment by all ACI working regularly for SCIC.

Professional Delegation, Commission, Brussels

The Professional Delegation presented

  • a brief history of successive delegations’ opposition to the Quick calendar (over the past 15 years)
  • the criticisms and complaints they have all put forward (legal objections as to legality and lawfulness,  professional, social and psychological objections and those relating to precariousness and the dignity of the profession)
  • a summary of the results of its survey (based on c. 600 responses two thirds of ACI are not satisfied with the system and want to see it reformed, and only 5% accept it without complaint)

The ensuing discussion teased out the problems and issues, and provided a opportunity for preliminary consideration of the action to be taken.

The meeting then considered a draft resolution tabled by the Professional delegation. After a good deal of discussion, and with amendments proposed from the floor, the following resolution was unanimously adopted:

ACI interpreters, at their meeting on 9 July 2013,


  • the survey in June 2013 of ACI in the EU sector on the Quick calendar showed a large majority wanted a thorough recast if not the end of this form of recruitment;
  • the system lacks transparency and creates legal and social insecurity;
  • it is entirely possible for SCIC, the only signatory of the EU-AIIC Agreement applying the Quick calendar system, to meet last minute recruitment needs by using the usual web calendar system;

request their representatives

to pursue with the utmost vigour the dialogue with the SCIC administration to ensure ACI recruitment fully complies with contract law and is in keeping with the dignity of the profession to which they restate their allegiance.

Confident of your support, and with the mandate it has received, your Delegation undertakes to commence discussions with the Administration at the beginning of Autumn and to report regularly on progress.

We will be counting on your continued active support.

AIIC’s EU Negotiating Delegation

The Negotiating Delegation has followed up with the Institutions on three matters brought to our attention by colleagues

  • accreditation for sign language interpreters
  • the memo on classification and the discrepancy in the text on the number of days’ experience required
  • publications by ACI and authorisation required from the appointing authority (exactly what kind of publication is covered, from whom authorisation must be sought and when, legal implications etc.).

We are also pursuing a new avenue in order to be able to reach all colleagues on the institutions' ACI mailing list.

We await replies from the Institutions, and will report in due course on these and other matters.

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European Union Negotiating Delegation,European Commission Professional Delegation. "Interpreters freelancing for the EU voice concern over recruitment policy". July 27, 2013. Accessed July 11, 2020. <>.

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