Interpreters in Canada cite problems at UN, call for action

Unilateral decision to suspend Staff Management Committee undermines negotiating rights at international body.

The Canada Sub-Sector, having convened on October 10, 2013, adopted the following resolutions.

Recent events at the United Nations

Noting with concern recent decisions by the United Nations Secretary-General that threaten to deeply affect the bargaining capacity of the United Nations staff,

Whereas such decisions may also adversely impact AIIC’s capacity to negotiate any new agreement with the United Nations, as well as its ability to enforce the current Agreement,

  1. Expresses its support to the staff in whatever efforts they may make to re-instate their rights;
  2. Calls upon all parties to quickly resolve any issue that could adversely affect the rights, health, and safety of all UN staff.

Compliance with the 2012-2017 UNCEB-AIIC Agreement

Noting with concern that, after over a year and a half of its ratification by the two parties, the Agreement is yet to be signed,

Considering that, after a year and a half of implementation, some provisions in the Agreement are either no longer applicable and/or detrimental to interpreters working in this sector,

Considering also that recent events at the United Nations and decisions by its Secretary-General could adversely affect AIIC interpreters,

In light of persistent violations of the Agreement worldwide, especially in remote areas,

  1. Resolves to request the convening of a World Sectoral Meeting to take stock of the implementation of the Agreement and re-assess some of its provisions;
  2. Requests that the World Sectoral Meeting be convened prior to the Mid-Term Review meeting with the UNCEB, and preferably in April 2014.

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