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AIIC Portuguese C workshop, Curitiba, Brazil, 20-24 January 2014

Richard Laver and Raquel Schaitza will lead a 4.5 day workshop for Portuguese C interpreters with the support of the Federal University of Parana's Intercultural Language Center (CELIN) via their Portuguese as a Foreign Language Program, a reference in PFL teaching in Brazil.

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If you are a Portuguese C or you are planning to add Portuguese to your language combination, come to Brazil for this 4.5-day, 36-hour workshop in Curitiba to practice both consecutive and simultaneous and brush up your linguistic competence and listening skills in Brazilian Portuguese.


Federal University of Parana
Reitoria da UFPR
Rua General Carneiro 460 10o andar
salas DERIEL 1 e 2
Curitiba, Brazil

Content of the workshop

The workshop will include simultaneous and consecutive interpreting of live and recorded speeches in Brazilian Portuguese on both general and technical topics. Participants will also have Portuguese language classes and will attend talks on Brazilian history, music and culture.

The program will also include exercises for the development of advanced listening skills as well as quizzes and other fun activities to improve linguistic competence.


  • Richard Laver (PT and EN A; ES C) has been a member of AIIC since 2002. Richard is a freelance interpreter based in Rio with 17 years of experience. In his capacity as the current CM for Brazil, he has been involved with novice interpreters via VEGA activities.
  • Raquel Schaitza (PT A; EN B) is a freelance interpreter who recently combined her previous language-teaching experience with over 25 years interpreting for the private market to offer the first interpreter training program in South Brazil.

With the support of:

Teachers from the Portuguese as a Foreign Language Program of the Federal University of Paraná and a group of experienced Portuguese A interpreters/interpreter trainers providing remote feedback.

Practical information


Maximum number of participants: 16


  • AIIC members: EUR 685.
  • Non-AIIC members: EUR 820.

Just a tip: if you happen to be planning to attend one of the Spanish workshops in Argentina, there is a very convenient daily 2-hour nonstop flight connecting Curitiba to Buenos Aires.

To apply

To apply for the course please complete this registration form

Any questions?

Queries can be sent to
You can also contact Ms Schaitza ( or Mr Laver (

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