UN - Resolution from the France sub-sector, 19 November 2013

Issues affecting collective agreements would be up for discussion in special meetings requested for early 2014.

The France Sub-Sector,
Having convened on 8 and 19 November 2013,
Noting that, unique among AIIC's professional domiciles, Paris regularly provides free-lance interpreters for all the Organisations that are party to the three major Agreement Sectors: the UN system, the EU institutions and the three Organisations party to the Coordinated Sector Agreement,
Alarmed by the increasingly precarious economic environment faced by free-lance interpreters in the Agreement Sectors, which now jeopardises the long-term viability of the profession,
Conscious of the threat to the principle of collective bargaining in the UN system implicit in the United Nations Secretary-General's recent actions  vis-à-vis the staff unions in the Organisation, 
Deeply concerned that even though the 2012-2017 UNCEB-AIIC Agreement has entered  de facto into force, this Agreement is still awaiting AIIC's signature, owing to the United Nations' failure adequately to justify its belated reservation on the Agreement's monthly rate, 
Noting the uncertain prospects for a satisfactory and comprehensive agreement being successfully concluded with all the current parties to the agreement in the UN's sister sector, the Coordinated Organisations, 
Acutely conscious of the increasing difficulties similarly faced by many free-lance interpreters in the EU institutions,
1.  Calls on the governing bodies of AIIC and its Standing Committee on the Agreement Sectors to reflect seriously on the dangers currently facing the profession with a view to taking effective steps to address them and to secure the profession's long-term future; 
2.  Also calls on AIIC's governing bodies, in the light of these problems, to convene, pursuant to article 9 of the General Document on the Agreement Sectors (Basic Texts of AIIC), an extraordinary Inter-Sectoral Assembly early in 2014;
3.  Requests AIIC's UN Negotiating Delegation to convene a World Sectoral Meeting, to be held in conjunction with and immediately prior to this Inter-Sectoral Assembly, in order to deliberate on the issue of non-signature of the 2012-2017 UNCEB-AIIC Agreement, to prepare the Negotiating Delegation's mandate for the forthcoming Mid-Term Review of that Agreement and to enhance the representativeness of the Negotiating Delegation by electing, as appropriate, new members to it.

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