AIIC at the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters Conference

Experts discuss training guidelines and new technologies in Slovenia.

Participants in the Annual Conference of The European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (efsli) concluded that interpreters and users of their services need to accept new technologies, but most importantly further research on their use in real-life situations is needed to identify how best to work with them. Findings in hand, students and interpreters will be better equipped to use new technologies to provide the best possible service.

The meeting, held on 14-15 September in Ljubljana, provided participants with the opportunity to address this issue. Remote interpretation systems are emerging across Europe, some of them already in use by interpreters and the deaf community; the time was ripe to consider the various possibilities and identify best practices. Through the presentation of case studies and recent scientific research, the public was invited to consider the limitations and risks involved, as well as the added value and possible improvements offered by the use of new technologies in the profession.

The Annual General Meeting of efsli was held one day prior to the annual conference. Members from across Europe gathered to hear about the work accomplished during the last year and to elect a new board. Peter Llewellyn-Jones from the UK, co-founder of the British Register of Sign Language Interpreters, researcher and teacher of conference interpreters in spoken languages and community and diplomatic interpreters in Europe and China, will head the incoming board. Members particularly welcomed the results of a two-year project on training for sign language interpreters. A new publication compiling best practices and guidelines for quality training, both in terms of objectives to be achieved by students and how to evaluate them, has emerged and will be presented at the European Parliament in Brussels in December. This is an important step toward further professionalization. The guidelines will be made available to all interested parties.

On behalf of the AIIC Sign Language Network, Dounya François and Maya de Wit gave a short presentation on the work of AIIC in regard to sign language interpreters. They reviewed the accomplishments of the network to date, including recent discussions with the AIIC Negotiation Delegation for the EU institutions. In addition, they explained how sign language conference interpreters can become members of AIIC, the benefits of membership and the importance of becoming a member.

The next efsli AGM and Conference will be held in Antwerp from 12 until 14 September 2014.

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