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UN - Resolution from the Italy sub-sector, 5 December 2013

UN - Resolution from the Italy sub-sector, 5 December 2013

The Italy sub-sector,

Having met on the 5th of December, 2013, adopts the following resolution:

On the UNCEB-AIIC Agreement

Noting that the Negotiating Delegation has asked the President of AIIC to take the necessary steps to proceed with the signature of the 2012-2017 UNCEB-AIIC Agreement,

Considering that the ND’s decision to ask for signature of the Agreement without reconvening a World Sectoral Meeting is a breach of procedure, since the text which will be signed is not the same as the text voted on by the WS in 2012,

Aware and supportive of the results of the Montreal subsectoral, held on October 10, 2013, and the Paris subsectoral held on the 8 and 19 November 2013,

Considering that the forthcoming mid-term review calls for thorough preparation in the light of the many non-compliance issues and unilateral interpretations contrary to the spirit of the Agreement,

Also considering that recent events at the United Nations may call for a strategic rethink of the ND’s mandate for the next negotiations,

Further considering that an in-depth discussion of the trends and future of the free lance profession in the UN Agreement sector is warranted,

1. Demands that the signature of the amended text of the Agreement be deferred until approval is formally expressed by a majority of AIIC colleagues working in the UN sector;

2. Calls for a UN World Sectoral Meeting to be held before the Mid-Term Review Meeting with the UNCEB so that the situation can be reassessed, and fresh guidance can be issued to the ND;

3. Requests the ND to include on the World Sectoral Meeting agenda a discussion on future prospects of the free-lance profession in the UN sector;

4. Supports the idea of an Intersectoral Assembly covering all AIIC Agreement sectors, to be held back to back with the UN sector World Sectoral meeting, with a mandate to issue a general common statement on the status, recognition and vision of the free-lance profession in the agreement sectors.

On the FAO's Preferred Hotel Programme

Considering that the FAO was due, in the autumn, to undertake a comprehensive review of the FAO's Preferred Hotel Programme (PHP) and that the resolution adopted by the Italy subsector on this programme and the feedback provided by the Division itself were overwhelmingly negative,

Welcoming the request made by the Organisation's Conference Division to exempt all free-lance interpreters from the PHP,

Regretting the FAO's refusal to accede to this request,

Noting that the International Civil Service Commission has not seen fit to issue any legal endorsement of the PHP,

Considering that, in spite of repeated requests to do so, the FAO's Legal Office has yet to issue an opinion on the legality of the PHP,

Calls on the Legal Office to issue this legal opinion without any further delay;

Resolves to consider the Legal Office's response at the next subsectoral meeting.

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