AIIC at 60: The Milan videos

Relive a celebration of communication without borders made possible by those present-day alchemists known as interpreters.

Dance performance in Milan
Photo credits: © Marta Sampietro

There have always been interpreters. Over the centuries they have been witnesses to history and given voice to many of its protagonists. Behind the scenes of occasions grand and small, they have felt the magic of the moment, the alchemy of words and the satisfaction of helping people communicate. That is part of our heritage.

In 2013 AIIC had occasion to look back. Regions celebrated the association’s 60th birthday with a multiplicity of events, and The Birth of a Profession was launched in Paris where, as the authors points out, “A small group led by Constantin Andronikof created the International Association of Conference Interpreters on 11 November 1953” and set out on "the fascinating adventure of turning a trade into a genuine profession.”

In November members and friends joined hands at our gala in Milan and toasted human expressiveness and the craft of interpreters, who take concepts and perceptions born of one culture and turn them into meaningful messages for the benefit of all. They also experienced an art installation and a dance performance evoking that very process through images and interactions that dissolved barriers and connected people.

Share the experience through these videos, a memento of an enduring celebration. Let them also be a spur to our determination to continue the work begun by our predecessors.

AIIC's 60th anniversary in Milan - a night of words, music and dance.

Ariella Vidach - AiEP present TEXThop: From Movement to Meaningan interpretation of the words and worlds we interpret.

Videos by Alessandro Maria Buonomo.

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