Staff interpreters' Charter

In accordance with the undertaking they give on assuming their duties, staff interpreters should:

  1. serve the interests of the organisations to which they belong;
  2. scrupulously observe the vow of secrecy to which they are already bound by their professional code;
  3. keep abreast of developments, undergo further training and prepare for assignments in all areas of their organisations' activities, with a view to maintaining high professional standards at all times. Staff interpreters should make it their duty to notify their supervisors, if they believe themselves not fully qualified to carry out an assignment;
  4. advise their organisations of the working conditions established by the profession and make every effort to abide by them for the sole purpose of maintaining high professional standards;
  5. co-ordinate with free-lance colleagues;
  6. act as interpreters outside their organisation only with the latter's consent, in compliance with local working conditions.

The International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) is at the entire disposal of its members and their employers for any professional or technical assistance they may require.

Recommended citation format:
Staff Interpreters. "Staff interpreters' Charter". February 28, 2014. Accessed March 31, 2020. <>.

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Valérie HASSAN


WHEN WILL THE BASIC TEXTS BE AVAILABLE IN PDF?? You should check the AITC website : all basic documents are available in a click in PDF. Very efficient.

Don't you think there is something medieval about having to print scan and send the aiic Charter and Code of Ethics to people by whom we want to be considered as Professionals ??

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