Professional Conference Organisers (Annex 2 to the Professional Standards)

Version adopted in 2012 entering into force at the 2015 Assembly (Addis Abeba).

Regions, or in their absence, members having their professional address in countries not forming part of a region, shall be authorised to contact representatives of associations or companies in the congress industry with a view to:

1. establishing regular cooperation between AIIC members and members of such associations or companies;

2. concluding agreements in due form between AIIC representatives and such associations or companies, whereby:

a) The associations or companies enter into the following commitments:

  • to respect all the conditions for the recruitment of interpreters as defined in AIIC's Code of Professional Ethics;
  • only to employ (or arrange for the employment of) qualified conference interpreters;
  • only to use (or arrange for the use of) contracts drawn up in four copies, one each for the interpreter, the company concerned, the initiator (organiser) of the conference and the consultant interpreter, the purpose being to ensure transparency as to the interpreter's identity and remuneration;
  • to take on financial and contractual liability (for instance in the event of a cancellation) in those cases in which they sign the contracts themselves;
  • to accept direct working links in both directions between the interpreters or their representative (consultant interpreter or head of team) and those responsible for the contents of the conference (organising committee, scientific committee), the purpose being the optimum preparation and the execution of the interpreters' professional job of work (briefing, documentation, contacts, etc.).

b) Where these conditions are met, AIIC,

  • shall accept that such associations or companies should, if they so desire, sign contracts themselves by way of derogation to Article 2 (a) of the Professional Standards;
  • shall provide free copies of the yearbook, contract forms, the relevant basic texts (Code, Professional Standards, technical standards, etc.);
  • shall provide such associations or companies with up-to-date information regarding any change in the practice of the profession;
  • shall provide them with all the necessary assistance regarding technical and other equipment for simultaneous interpretation, possibly delegating a representative of the Technical Committee.

Further to this, Regions or members having their professional address in countries not forming part of a region shall be required to inform the secretariat of any such agreement that may have been concluded.

The secretariat shall inform the membership by publication in the Bulletin and shall maintain an up-to-date list of Regions and countries where such agreements exist along with a list of companies that have signed.

Amendment Procedure

Proposals to revise this Annex shall be decided by the Executive Committee, if necessary after seeking legal advice, by a majority of 2/3 of the votes cast.

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