Christiane Driesen awarded the 2014 Danica Seleskovitch Prize

Life-long dedication to getting court interpreting recognized for the vital role it plays in ensuring the right of individuals to a fair trial cited in presentation of the prize in Paris.

From left: Christiane Driesen, Edgar Weiser and Marianne Lederer
Photo credits: D. Burnet

The 2014 Danica Seleskovitch Prize was presented by Marianne Lederer, former Director of ESIT, to Christiane Driesen for her continuing efforts to raise the profile of court interpreting as a profession that makes an essential contribution to the implementation of justice and as an instrument that ensures the right of the individual to a fair trial in court.

This prize is the most prestigious accolade awarded within our profession. It was instituted in 1991 by The Danica Seleskovitch Association to perpetuate the work of Danica Seleskovitch (1921 - 2001), who was inter alia a conference interpreter, Professor at the Université Paris lll - Sorbonne Nouvelle and Director of the Ecole Supérieure d' Interprètes et de Traducteurs (ESIT).

The Association awards the prize every two years, upon the recommendation of an 8-member jury, to recognize outstanding contributions to the interpreting profession or original research in translation studies.

The 2014 award ceremony was held in the Salle Danica Seleskovitch at ESIT in Paris on the 8th of March. After a brief word of welcome to the 60 guests in attendance, including representatives of international courts and European institutions, Edgar Weiser, President of the Association, paid tribute to the outstanding work and achievements of the laureate, whose doctoral thesis, L'interprétation auprès des tribunaux pénaux de la République Fédérale d'Allemagne (1985) had been supervised by Professor Seleskovitch herself.

Christiane Driesen then addressed the assembly, thanking the Association and the jury for honoring her with the award, her sponsors, family, friends and colleagues for their support, and most of all her mentor, Danica Seleskovitch, who continues to be a source of inspiration.

Those of us who know Christiane and have witnessed her indefatigable commitment pour la cause congratulate the laureate and also the Association and the jury for including her in the list of luminaries of our profession.

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