AIIC-EU: Outcome of discussions with SCIC on the Quick calendar

Report from the AIIC Professional Delegation at the European Commission.

AIIC delegations at the EU have consistently objected to the Quick calendar on legal and other grounds. Our latest talks, resulting in possible agreement on a new procedure, with details still to be fine-tuned, have addressed problems related strictly to the Quick calendar itself. 

The approach and procedure set out below have been agreed in principle:


The current system of the 'red line', requiring ACIs to volunteer in advance, will be abandoned. Instead SCIC will make specific contract proposals to individual ACIs in line with needs.

If insufficient numbers of ACIs have been recruited through this new procedure and needs are not met, the recruitment office will then contact ACIs directly (usually by telephone).

The very short-term recruitment procedure will be used for the following two working days.

ACIs in all EU language units will be eligible. It is imperative that all ACIs display in their Webcalendar their up-to-date availability for a day or days on which they had previously indicated availability. ACIs will continue to be able to modify their availability for individual days at any time.


At [a time to be determined] the very short-term proposals will be displayed automatically by the IT system in an ACI's Webcalendar. The calendar will display the letter 'p' for the day(s) in question. However to distinguish such very short-term proposals from standard 'blue cell' contract proposals, the cell will be of a different colour, to be determined. At the same time, the system will generate an automatic email to the registered email address of the ACI to indicate that there is a contract proposal waiting to be accepted.

The ACI will have until [a time to be determined] to accept these proposals. Once accepted, the proposal becomes a firm contract.

Further display features on the Webcalendar still need to be fine-tuned, e.g. what is indicated if the ACI has not accepted the contract proposal(s).

Discussions and work are continuing on the details of the procedure. Your comments, as usual, are most welcome, either at an information meeting to be arranged in January 2015 and details of which will be sent to you asap, or in writing to either of the following email addresses:


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