SCIC to reform procedure for short-term recruitment of interpreters

Last minute needs to be handled through individual contract proposals. Changes could be in place by early April 2015.

Following discussions with the AIIC Professional and Negotiating Delegations, SCIC has decided to reform the current procedure for recruiting ACIs in the short-term, i.e. for the next two working days.

What will change?

Under the previous procedure, when SCIC was looking to recruit for a specific booth for the following 2 working days, ACIs needed to volunteer in response to a red line which was published in the ACI Webcalendar. Under the new procedure the red line will be abandoned. Instead SCIC will make specific contract proposals to individual ACIs according to the needs that have arisen. In order for ACIs to be considered for such proposals, it is essential that their Webcalendars are up-to-date and clearly indicate their availability (‘pink boxes’).

So that ACIs can distinguish these proposals in their calendar from medium-term contract proposals, they will be displayed with the normal blue background but with text in yellow.

What is the daily timing?

Contract proposals made under this new procedure will appear in an ACI’s Webcalendar at 13.00. At the same time an automatic email will be sent to the registered email address of the ACI concerned to inform him/her that there are proposals for one or both of the next 2 working days. If there happen to be any regular medium-term proposals that have not yet been accepted by an ACI for those days, the email will also remind the ACI of these. It is important that ACIs ensure that their current email address is registered in the Webcalendar.

The ACI will have until 14.30 to accept or reject these proposals. Once accepted, the proposals will become contracts and will be displayed in green boxes with a letter ‘E’. However, so that ACIs can distinguish them from regular long and medium-term contracts, the text will be displayed in the same yellow as the short-term proposals. It is only when the ACI accepts a short-term proposal that the contract is confirmed and that s/he will appear as available for assignment.

If an ACI rejects a short-term proposal, this will be displayed as a letter ‘Z’ in a yellow box.

It should be noted that with the introduction of the new short-term recruitment procedure all refused contracts will now be displayed in a yellow box. The ‘red box’ for refused contracts will thus cease to exist.

If an ACI does not react by 14.30 to any proposals for the next 2 working days, these will automatically be turned into yellow boxes (refused contracts). If at 14.30 SCIC still needs to recruit interpreters for the booth concerned, it will contact ACIs directly (usually by telephone) to see if they are still available to accept a contract for the day or days concerned.

Who will be concerned?

ACIs in all EU language units will be eligible. In normal circumstances, SCIC will only make proposals via this procedure to those ACIs whose professional domicile is in Brussels.

When will the new procedure be implemented?

Implementing the new procedure will require a number of changes to be made to the current IT system and for these changes to be tested. SCIC estimates that this development work will take at least 2 months to carry out. SCIC thus hopes that the new procedure can be implemented for the beginning of April 2015.

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Chaleureuses félicitations à nos représentants qui n'ont jamais cédé aux vents contraires qui ont entravé pendant très/trop longtemps leurs efforts en vue d'obtenir un recrutement respectueux des freelance dans toutes les circonstances!

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