President’s message to colleagues, members and non-members of AIIC, with regard

All interpreters must remain vigilant and united to ensure compliance with the AIIC-UN Agreement

Dear Colleagues,

As some of you are no doubt already aware, Andrew Brookes, coordinator of the UN Sector Negotiation Delegation, submitted his resignation to the AIIC Executive Committee on the 8th of April, 2015.

Whilst we lament his decision, we do wish to thank him for all the work he did as head of the ND for over two years.

Nerio Guerrero has accepted to take over as the new coordinator.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nerio and all the members of the Negotiation Delegation for their commitment to defending the working conditions negotiated within the framework of the AIIC-United Nations Agreement.

It bears stressing that the various professional delegations also have a decisive role to play as indispensable partners of the ND. Their action on the ground is particularly crucial at a time when the agreement is under attack from all sides.

Hence, it is incumbent upon us all to remain vigilant and united. You can contribute to assuring compliance with the agreement by contacting the delegations in cases of uncertainty, and by reporting any violation of which you are either a victim or a witness.

Turning now to those who do not work or work only occasionally in the UN Sector, I would like to point out that sometimes conferences rightfully within the sector are presented as "private market" and calls for tender issued. In fact tenders are extraneous in such cases as the working and remuneration conditions provided for in the agreement apply.

I could never stress enough the importance of the agreements for the entire profession, private market and sectors alike.

I urge you to remain vigilant and to inform one of the delegations as soon as possible about cases of possible non-compliance. You can consult a list of delegations, their composition and contact point here on the AIIC website.

The text of the current AIIC-United Nations Agreement is available here.

The Executive Committee and I bestow the utmost importance on this sector and are certain that communication will continue to improve to the benefit of all our colleagues and the profession itself.

Angela Keil
AIIC President

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