Myriam de Beaulieu awarded the 2016 Danica Seleskovitch Prize

A dedication to multilingualism and lexical diversity cited in the award ceremony at ESIT in Paris.

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The 2016 Danica Seleskovitch Prize was presented by Marianne Lederer, former Director of ESIT, and Edgar Weiser, President of the Danica Seleskovitch Association, to Myriam de Beaulieu in recognition of her ongoing efforts to combat rampant anglicization and to promote multilingualism and lexical diversity.

Myriam de Beaulieu is a staff interpreter at the United Nations in New York and the author of "Glossaire de suggestions pour éviter les anglicismes, calques et traductions littérales de l’anglais en français", which she previously introduced in an article on The AIIC Blog. She points out that true multilingualism is rooted in mastery of the mother tongue, and denaturalization of a language leads to poor communication.

This prize is the most prestigious accolade awarded within the conference interpretation profession. It was instituted in 1991 by The Danica Seleskovitch Association to perpetuate the work of Danica Seleskovitch (1921 - 2001), who was inter alia a conference interpreter, Professor at the Université Paris lll - Sorbonne Nouvelle and Director of the Ecole Supérieure d' Interprètes et de Traducteurs (ESIT).

The 2016 award ceremony was held in the Salle Danica Seleskovitch at ESIT in Paris on the 19th of March. After a brief word of welcome to all in attendance, including Angela Keil, President of AIIC, Dominique Hoppe, President of l'AFFOImonde (Association des Fonctionnaires Francophones des Organisations Internationales) and Christian Tremblay, President of l'Observatoire Européen du Plurilinguisme, Edgar Weiser made a presentation citing the outstanding work and achievements of the laureate, who is also a doctoral candidate at the University of Orleans where she is writing her thesis on "Emprunts à l’anglais international et évolution linguistique du français contemporain."

Myriam de Beaulieu then addressed the audience on "L'anglicisation des langues ou l'illusion d'une communication plus facile : la réduction de la diversité lexicale dessert la pensée et l'expression."

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