AIIC responds to unauthorized use of member info by AATII

Online platform misused member data and committed a gross act of misrepresentation.

Over the last few days the T&I blogosphere and social media have been humming with reports of unauthorized use of names on a relatively new online platform. AIIC members were among those affected, and we on the Executive Committee reacted quickly by lodging a complaint with the owners of the site, AATII.

The CEO of Alliance of Applied Translator and Interpreters International (AATII) recently described the company as being “like an eBay in the translation industry by matching the customers and the translators.” He also pointed out that “Only translators registered with the platform can take orders”. [1]

The International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) became aware of AATII due to complaints from members. In effect, we saw that the names of countless AIIC members came up in searches, thus implying that they were willing to accept work through the AATII website.  But they were listed without their prior knowledge or consent, in spite of information available on the site implying that all people listed have registered. Moreover, a rate was quoted when clicking on someone and adding that person to the shopping cart, implying that the person himself set the rate and agreed to its publication.

Due to the great number of AIIC members visible in searches, it would seem that AATII made wholesale use of our online directory against the terms clearly posted on our website: “The material posted on this Site is the intellectual property of AIIC and may not be reproduced for publication in any form without the permission of AIIC.” [2]

In addition AATII used said information without informing the affected members or requesting their permission. This is a gross act of misrepresentation, regarding both the individuals wrongly listed and the general public, as it wrongly depicts our members as registered users who have accepted AATII’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and thus have vetted the company. 

On 18 April 2016 AIIC sent an email to AATII demanding that it immediately delete any and all names of AIIC members and requesting that a formal apology be published on its website. From what we can see today (19 April 2016), AATII has complied with the first part of our request. Previously a search for Spanish-to-English interpreters produced a list of 1,500+ names; today zero. The numbers speak for themselves.

Platforms offering to act as a middle man between clients and linguists are on the rise. We urge all interpreters and translators to use caution. Always examine the terms and conditions and do a general background check on the company and those running it.

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