AIIC Germany announces annual award for young interpreters

Every year a recent graduate of a conference interpreting program will be provided with a personal mentor and a grant for professional development.

The annual prize is a material expression of AIIC Germany’s outreach to interpreting schools and budding interpreters. The award strives to bridge the gap between recently qualified conference interpreters and those still in training, and AIIC with its extensive and varied activities within the world of professional conference interpretation. It also aims to bolster the recognition of interpreting courses at German universities, which are currently under increasingly intense funding pressure.

AIIC wishes to reach out in a constructive way to those entering the profession, and thus to promote the professional and ethical values and standards which act as guarantors of excellence and ensure conference interpretation flourishes in an ever‐changing professional environment. 

All conference interpreting students who have passed final examinations and graduated from a one or two-year postgraduate program in Germany between January 2015 and July 2016 are eligible for nomination at this time.

AIIC Germany will provide the prizewinner with a personal mentor, who will maintain regular contact with her/him during the year following the award and offer personal and professional advice as the awardee's career and chosen training options develop. Additionally a fund has been established making it possible to award a sum of 700€ to be used for financing specialized language or professional training and networking within the calendar year following the award.

Directors of courses in conference interpreting at German universities are invited to nominate a maximum of two students or recent graduates in any language combination who have been awarded a degree/Diplom/MA in conference interpreting between January 2015 and July 2016.

The deadline for entries is 1 September 2016.

Detailed submission criteria are available for download. Please click here

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