AIIC member Éva Vigild awarded the Hungarian Gold Cross of Merit

Contributions to strengthening mutual understanding between Hungary and Denmark through her work as an interpreter cited in presentation.

AIIC member Éva Vigild has been awarded the Hungarian Gold Cross of Merit (Civilian) in recognition of her contributions to strengthening ties between Hungary and Denmark and improving mutual understanding among the peoples of the two countries.

The award was presented at the Hungarian Embassy in Copenhagen by the Ambassador of Hungary to Denmark. The Cross of Merit is bestowed on individuals for outstanding service in promoting the interests of an independent and democratic Hungary.

Éva Vigild, an AIIC member since 2010, is a freelance conference interpreter working with Hungarian (A), Danish (B) and English (C). She received an M.A. in Danish and Russian from Eötvös Loránd University in 1990, and later studied at the European Masters in Conference Interpreting course at the Copenhagen Business School (2003-04). She has worked an an ACI with the European Parliament since 2005 and has also been active in teaching interpreting.

AIIC congratulates Éva for this outstanding achievement and wishes her ongoing success in the future.

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