AIIC CONVERSATIONS: A video series about conference interpreting

AIIC interpreters active in various areas of the interpreting profession comment on their craft and trade.

AIIC presents Conversations – a series of talks with conference interpreters about their profession and craft.

Created for AIIC by Luigi Luccarelli and Lourdes de Rioja, with coordination and support by Gisèle Abazon, the videos will be rolled out between September and December of 2016. Here we offer you a short introduction to the series, with a glance at the cast, and the first two conversations.


… Videos about conference interpreting that reveal the added value of using one’s own language when communication really matters, and highlight the broad knowledge and worldliness of those expert communicators we know as interpreters.

The initial chapters delve into the background, experience and opinions of:

  1. Consultant interpreters advising a varied clientele
  2. Interpreter trainers commenting on trends in professional development
  3. Young interpreters addressing how they entered the field
  4. Staff interpreters working for international organizations

1. Consultant Interpreters

Garbiñe Sanz and Martine Bonadona provide insight into what consultant interpreters do, the expertise they possess, and the added value they offer to anyone needing professional language services.

2. Professional Development

Andy Gillies and Almute Löber discuss what to look for when choosing a course, up-and-coming trends in ongoing training, and what AIIC offers to members, candidates and non-members.

3. New Members

Alicia Fernandez, Anna Collins & Elisabeth Dadoun, all of whom joined AIIC in recent years, talk about what motivated them to become interpreters, what professional issues are important to them, their first day in the booth, and the advice they would give to students and recent graduates.

Staff Interpreters

We asked Clare Donovan (OECD, Chief Interpreter), Kate Davies (EU Commission) and Paula Lopez-Novella (WCO, Chief Interpreter) about differences between freelance practice and staff work, how and why they ended up in their current jobs, and what professionalism means to them when seen from their current perch. 

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