AIIC in Warsaw

A meeting of AIIC's Private Market Sector brought interpreters of all stripes to the capital of Poland for discussions on freelance interpreting, market challenges and opportunities for collaboration.

Every three years AIIC's Private Market Sector (PRIMS) sponsors an inter-regional meeting bringing together interpreters from around the globe. This year it was Europe's turn and Poland, home to 17 AIIC members, was the host country.

The meeting was preceded by an open information session for all interested in learning more about the conference interpreting profession and AIIC. Matters such as how to join, what to expect when starting one's career, the association's role in negotiating collective agreements (e.g. with the EU, UN, etc.) applicable to all interpreters be they members or not, and how to find further information were addressed.

The messages and images below provide an overview of the weekend's events. 

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