Multilingualism and equal rights in the EU: The role of sign languages

AIIC participates in historic event hosted by MEP Helga Stevens at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Can you imagine? Interpretation into 24 spoken languages and 31 signed languages! Knowing this happened in the Hemicycle of the European Parliament in Brussels may temper one’s astonishment, but the numbers will reimpose it: 145 interpreters at work in concert – some in booths, others on the floor of the meeting hall. The event no doubt represents a milestone in the recognition of equal linguistic rights for all and in the history of our profession.

Maya de Wit, coordinator of AIIC’s Sign Language Network, addressed the conference, as did our newest SLI member Oliver Pouliot. AIIC President Angela Keil was present and kind enough to prepare this view of the goings-on. 

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Angela KEIL. "Multilingualism and equal rights in the EU: The role of sign languages". October 6, 2016. Accessed July 6, 2020. <>.

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